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Focus on the Future Vision Workshops 2018

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When training becomes strategic

The complex task of defining consumption trends and their application to the areas of marketing, communication and retail requires the ability to explore and analyse different contextual scenario focusing on its new strengths and weaknesses. For Companies and Agencies who want to successfully face the challenge of coping with ever-changing markets, it is nowadays necessary to become more sensitive and empathic to social change.

Future Concept Lab has been working in these areas of research since 2001 and has updated in real time different contextual Scenarios presented on the occasion of the Future Vision Workshops, four workshop days dedicated to the fields of Aesthetics, Consumption, Communication and Retail.

The 2018 Future Vision Workshops series will present the scenario of trends in which all ConsumAuthor, of any age, tend to navigate at 360 degrees in an intensely renewed life dimension. The themes of Onlife, Extramedia and Storydoing, become the key to understanding the metamorphosis in act, for all those who deal with innovation, marketing and communication within a business environment.

For all those (Companies, Institutes, Professionals) who wish to acquire the contents developed in the context of one or more of the past seminars, it is possible to organize tailor-made training programs.

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