A unique, integrated, transversal approach

Future Concept Lab creatively brings together the two activities of Research and Consultancy, following integrated logics and methodologies that are enriched along the way, as in the movement and development of a spiral.

Future Concept Lab has been recognised as one of the most complete research laboratories in the world when it comes to dealing with questions regarding consumption and innovative concepts.

Unique in its approach, and universal in terms of the range of its activities and the theoretical scope of its research efforts, the Institute has come to be widely recognized as:

  • strategic with a cutting-edge vision of the future in all the major fields of business activity
  • highly international, with an extensive network of correspondents and researchers deployed in 25 countries around the world
  • advanced in terms of integrated methodologies and interdisciplinary approach, giving privileged points of view and points of experience that are as relevant and effective as they are original
  • close to the Company Spirit in the fields of training, creativity and vision
  • influential in the field of social theory regarding consumption, through the publishing of books and magazines, conferences and seminars.