Beyond the traditional targets

This Research Program analyses a new market protagonist to which the worlds of products and goods will have to always more confront themselves: the Consum-Author, a subject with innovation in their blood and brain, and always greater expectations in every field, from fashion to technology and to the media, from those everyday purchases to journeys and to leisure.

Through quali-quantitative and ethno-anthropological techniques this research program allows to analyse the profiles of generational nuclei that delineate and deepen the 4 different phases of life: the per-adult, young adults, mature adults and long-lived, embodying the various ways in which they experiment and influence life experiences and consumption that is more relevant for their age groups, in 25 countries around the world. The creative condition of each nucleus or, with age, its “ideal-typical” condition, is thus identified and studied.

Based on this permanent observatory dedicated to the generations, in 2016 Future Concept Lab launched the latest update, with the indication of 16 profiles: an articulation of content, and project indications, also documented in the book “ConsumAutori – I nuovi nuclei generazionali” (Egea, October, 2016).

In detail, the 16 nuclei, subdivided between 4 life phases, are:

  • Pre-adults → Lively Kids (5-8 year olds); TechTweens (9-12 year olds); ExpoTeens (13-16 year olds); ExperTeens (16-19 year olds).
  • Young adults → CreActives (20-29 year olds); ProActives (25-34 year olds); ProFamilies (30-39 year olds); ProTasters (40-49 year olds).
  • Mature adults → New Normals (40-54 year olds); Singular Women (50-64 year olds); Mind Builders (55-69 year olds); Premium Seekers (50-65 year olds).
  • Long-lived → Job Players (65-75 year olds); Family Activists (over 65 year olds); Pleasure Growers (over 70 year olds); Health Challengers (75-90 year olds).

For each of the profiles identified, the research program allows one to learn about and describe the values, the way of thinking, behaviours and everyday life. A framework for analysis and strategic projection, which is continuously implemented and verified, on a global and local level, to select the most appropriate generational nuclei in order to define brand positioning and business strategies, with a specific analysis for each sector from living to beauty, from food to apparel, from mobility to financial services.

Organisations and companies that have used the Generational Targets Program include: 3M, Autogrill, Banca Carige, B-Ticino, CiAL, Coccinelle, Coin, D&D, Deroma, Disney, Dolomia, Fiat Brasil, Grendene, La Prairie, Mido, Moleskine, OVS, Petrobras, P&G Italia, Trussardi, Unicredit, Unilever, UPA, Veneta Cucine, Whirlpool.