Observe behaviors to anticipate changes

Industry observers (from technology to media, from fashion to food, cosmetics or home furnishings) specifically constitutes what Future Concept Lab has prided itself upon being since its inception. Permanent observation, which is carried out by implementing various integrated methodologies (ethno-anthropological techniques, qualitative and quantitative) in 40 cities in 25 countries around the world, has enabled us to map out the evolutions of the market scenario over time (the Institute’s foundational research), placing them into a much appreciated interpretive framework that is now recognized by research centers, universities and companies worldwide.

The realization of the observatories enables the detection of paradigms, macrotrends, microtrends and concepts for dealing with the changes taking place within all the dimensions of social and individual existence. From within every industry it’s possible to learn about global and local trends, the most sensitive target groups and the most advanced concepts for managing the ever-changing market.

Based on the results of the observatories, over the last 10 years the Institute has published a series of books that probe into the key trends in different sectors: European Asymmetries, dedicated to European consumption trends, Body Visions, dedicated to body and beauty trends, Living Trends, dedicated to trends in domesticity, Real Fashion Trends, dedicated to trends in fashion, Consum-Authors, devoted to the consumer trends of the different generations. A summary of all of these trends is present in the volume Paradigms of the Future, published in 2012 (in print and eBook formats).

By utilizing this knowledge regarding the emerging scenarios in diverse sectors, companies such as Barilla, Coca-Cola, COOP, Deroma, Dolomia, Feltrinelli, Ferrero, Fiat Brasil, Gruppo Coin, LG Electronics, L’Oreal, Nokia , Percassi, Petrobras, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Yoox, and fairs like Cosmoprof, Euro Kitchen, Première Vision, and Salone del Mobile, have been able to strategically define their own business and investment strategies.