The talent is in the place

Future Concept Lab has developed this research program in order to give an additional contribution to the thorny issue of Globalization, offering to its Clients new keys of interpretation and analysis tools.

The Genius Loci (the talent and energy of place) is understood as the meeting point between the profile of the places and the depth of their history and geography, up to the identification of new visions and approach towards an advanced society and market. Starting from these reflections, based on geographic and market-related terms, the institute kicked off a specific program of research, a challenge that was proposed to its Clients as strategic tool. The Genius Loci Program regards the observation of 25 countries (ever-growing number) in a constant way by a task force of experts, in-house staff and collaborators, who dedicate themselves full-time to the job of elaborating profiles and identifying important elements represented by key concepts.

This Program is a constant stimulator of new cultural references thanks to the work of 50 correspondents scattered in 40 cities around the world, and it has been developed specifically for cross-cultural analysis. It served to be an invaluable tool for publications in different countries – for example Il senso dell’Italia, DNA Brasil and the book dedicated to the concept of Genius Loci, La Strategia del Colibri.

The overall project proved to have an enormous success within the international business community, the Institutions, the academies and universities, offering interesting stimuli when it comes to dealing with questions regarding the new markets involved in the Unique and Universal dialogue.

This research program that is unique, was developed by Future Concept Lab in 1998 and intends to give a understanding and depth to the local potential that a company or institution can use to it’s advantage on the global market: starting from the selection of local talents (genius loci) and the unique qualities that are expressed by specific cultures (regional or national), Future Concept Lab is committed to select and give value to those elements that could be appreciated throughout the world, in sync with the trends of other countries or continents. In some cases ad hoc communication and distribution strategies are developed for companies. Many are the companies and the Italian districts that have used this program in order to reinforce their presence in the world: from Havaianas to illycaffè and Bangkok Design Center.

The countries analysed in the Genius Loci Program are Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand.

Some of our correspondents have worked with us for over a decade, collaborating in the activities of observing the cities, through in-depth research, interviews and dialogues: Alessandro de Toni (Beijing), Sabina Deweik (São Paulo), Simirita Dhillon (Mumbai), Sofia Dias (Lisbon), Katie Dominy (London), Stefano Gulmanelli and Arianna Dagnino (first from Johannesburg, then Melbourne and now from Vancouver), Natasha Hagenbeek (Amsterdam), Laiza Martins (Rio de Janeiro), Daniela Rusak (Buenos Aires), Kris Yoshie (Tokyo), Daniela Zanone (Berlin). 

Used greatly by multinational companies for export strategies to new markets, the Genius Loci Program has also recently been appreciated by the institutional dimension:  the more recent examples of its application are in fact with government entities, institutions and universities of countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Korea, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Thailand.

Organisations and companies that have used the Genius Loci Program: Alessi, Barilla, Coca-Cola, Curver, De Agostini, DeLonghi, Ferrero, Gauloises, illycaffè, L.V.M.H., L’Oréal, Nokia, Procter & Gamble, Terranova, T.C.D.C., Tiffany, Vetriceramici.