The future, the concepts, the lab

The name Future Concept Lab contains in three words the very philosophy of its business, its vision, its mission and its brand equity.


The future is our Vision. We decided this since the beginning, when no one even spoke of innovation. The vision on the future is the therapy for companies that come to us. We help them define their strategies and their market positioning, to launch new products and new communication campaigns.


Conceptualising is our talent and our expertise: in other words, our Mission. A concept is not a trend, but a strategic tool that opens the path to the future. When we help a company to choose or create their own concept, we guarantee them a happy life and success for at least 10 years.


The idea of the lab, in which to search and experiment with solutions for the future, indicates the way we work, the quality of our workspace, of our commitment over time, of our collaborative spirit, of the relationship between us and our clients. The “Lab” is our Brand Equity.

Since 1996, this is our perspective on research and innovation.

The uniqueness of a universal thought

To put your trust in a collaboration with Future Concept Lab means to face the future that awaits us by entering into a original logic, deep and comprehensive in which Research, Consulting and Training belong to the same cognitive dimension. It means therefore take a long, strategic, and unique thought, and at the same time provide instant answers to problems.

Future Concept Lab has to date realised more than 3,500 research projects using 5 programs of proprietary methodology, developing in 24 years of life 4 paradigms, and more than 40 megatrends, 180 trends, 350 concept.

Has carried out training and consulting for more than 250 companies and institutions, held more than 400 conferences in 30 countries worldwide: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Korea, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA.

Has produced more than 50 books and other publications in 6 languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese.

Has proposed every 3 months an ongoing activity of training with 64 Future Vision Workshops that in 16 years have been attended by over 7,000 participants.