When culture becomes a strategic tool

This program regards the observation and monitoring of the cultural influences that shape the collective imaginary.

The identification, exploration and analysis on a worldwide scale of relevant creative activities (i.e. those expressions that most easily stir the imaginations of people all around the world) and resonant creative visions (i.e. the sort of visions that stimulate and resonate with the collective sensitivity, capable of inspiring entire), constitute the vital basis of the MindStyles Program.

The inputs come from different sectors: web, sports, cinema, literature, politics, media, design, fashion, products, advertising. technology.

With this research program we intend to give a response to the growing need for conceptual positioning on the market, expressed by brands and products old and new, that are always in search of a new identity. One has to understand the new sensibilities of consumers and the potential of companies in terms of values and styles that they can propose and communicate, both in relation to their competitors or in order to meet the visions of the consumer.

The theory behind this research program was developed and constantly updated by Future Concept Lab since 1994, and is a mix of in depth analysis and sociological projection. The program has now reached its 10th edition, and has been used by 50 companies that are within our clients.

Brands that have been analysed using the MindStyles Program: Audi, Autogrill, Bauknecht, Biotherm, BMW, Crédit Agricole, Coin, Cosmofarma, Deborah, Deroma, Dolomia, Ferrero Roché, Foscarini, Generali, Havaianas, Helena Rubinstein, Kinder, Invesco, Lancôme, Milano Unica, Mini, Moët & Chandon, MTV, Nike, Nivea, Nutella, O Boticario, OVS, Salmoiraghi & Viganò, Smart, Swatch, Trussardi, Valentino, Veuve Clicquot, Vetriceramici.