Observing the world to understand styles and consumption

For this research, the Institute Future Concept Lab has developed its own network of 50 correspondents, who constantly gather information (photographic material and other), from 40 cities around the world. Our correspondents are able to verify the “signals” emitted by the streets relative to consumption, fashion, styles of thought and life of specific groups of the population. The correspondents – with the role of cult searchers and cool hunters – are a vibrant network of antennas that collects and decodes the signals of the Body and of the Street, as well as the Territory and the City, which emerge from the contemporary experience at all latitudes.

This research program came to life back in 1992 with the observation of the the five global fashion capitals (Milan, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo) and extends now to 40 cities. The client can receive in real time a panorama styles in fashion, food, health or well-being and more in general commerce and consumption trends worldwide.

This program is used by Trade Fairs as a container to inform and advise there exhibitors and visitors (Cosmoprof, Macef, Lineapelle, Mifur, MarediModa, Première Vision and Milan’s Salone del Mobile have all commissioned at various moments in time true and proper observatories in their market sectors), the program uses the technique of participant observation and systematic analysis of the territory to signal the innovative phenomena that are linked to the new 4Ps of marketing: people, places, plans, projects.

It is also greatly used by companies that want strengthen their aesthetic values both of their products and communication.

The cities under observation are: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Bangalore, Bangkok, Barcelona, Bari, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Berlin, Bilbao, Bogota, Bologna, Boston, Brussels, Cannes, Krakow, Dubai, Helsinki, Hong Kong , Istanbul, Johannesburg, Kyoto, Las Vegas, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Marseille, Miami, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Mumbai, Naples, New York, Palermo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, San Francisco, San Paul, St. Petersburg, Santiago, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Valencia, Warsaw, Vienna.

Companies and fairs that have used the Street Signals Program: A.N.C.I., Camara de Comercio de Bogotà, Coin, Cosmoprof, Disney, Inexmoda, La Rinascente, Levi’s, Material Preview, Philips, Première Vision, P.O.P.A.I., World Gold Council.