A tailor-made laboratory to fit each company

The Lab is a project conceived by Future Concept Lab in 2007, aimed at creating, supporting and nourishing a true tailor-made laboratory within individual companies. This is a project, designed to be annual, which takes the name of the company (and all it connotes) into question: the Institute, by integrating together its various international research programs and using specific methods of analysis, allows each company, through The Lab, to carve out a space and some time within the company to be devoted to innovation trough the implementation of resources and specific projects.

The creation of The Lab allows the company to:

  • receive materials related to trends and concepts selected based on their specific needs
  • have an exclusive and credible brand check-up by a competent and cohesive team
  • verify the validity of their projects and receive permanent stimulation without having to create an internal team dedicated to the areas in question (which often remains isolated from the company’s business operations)
  • to have access to international research program tools and global materials, with deliveries that are timely and inexpensive
  • to organize events and conventions with experienced partners
  • have new opportunities to apply the knowledge gained during the seminars organized by the Institute
  • motivate in a new way their own internal resources, showing enthusiasm for the instruments proposed by Future Concept Lab.

With The Lab, Future Concept Lab launches a new challenge that is concentrated around working in the direction of experimentation and on the application of innovation within companies, and by taking advantage of the ongoing results of its laboratory and international observatory programs.

A few of the companies who have used The Lab include: Amadori, Autogrill, Barbanera, Barilla, Berlucchi, Branca, Bvlgari, Candy, Carige, Click, Coccinelle, Coin, COOP, DeLonghi, Disney, Feltrinelli, Ferrero, Foscarini, Fracomina, Galbusera, Grendene, Hachette, Huawei, Inglesina, JTI, Moleskine, Natura, Nespresso, Nivea, OPPO, Oviesse, Panorama, Percassi, Perofil, Philips, Salmoiraghi, Smemoranda, SMI, Sofidel, Stefanel, Terranova (Abbigliamento), Trussardi, Unicredit, Veneta Cucine, Vetriceramici, Wella, and The World Gold Council.