What must be done? Globalisation and asymmetrical markets: The 20 trends that are changing the world

On the basis of the project dedicated to Genius Loci, developed in 2001, Future Concept Lab proposed a new ‘transition’ in 2002, to manage the myriad of challenges for society and the market: the 4 workshops worked on the tandem “Globalization and asymmetrical marketing”, looking primarily to acquire new opportunities for thought and paradigms of behaviour.

11th April 2002

No Trend, Si Experience

Fashion, beauty, expressive forms: 5 new emotional catalysts. The avant-garde of aesthetics and products to build new consumer strategies.

27th June 2002

No Targets, Yes Links

The 5 new frontiers of segmentation. The unexpected connections in asymmetrical marketing and the shift from an economy of exchange/trade to and economy of links.

10th October 2002

No Lifestyles, Yes Mindstyles

The creative shift in communication: the 5 new strategies for brand building.

12th December 2002

No Logo, Yes Place

The management of places-markets and the 5 strategies of asymmetrical distribution.