Marketing of Occasion and Geographical radicality: The Cardinal cases in the markets of North, South, East and West

Future Concept Lab in 2001 organized a series of 4 workshops where the different Genius Loci of each individual cardinal point was analysed. With a focus on the importance of “local talent” as a fundamental tool to enter the global market, and the importance of knowing the “differences” between different places and cultures. The meetings were attended by entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers and designers working in the field of innovation, facing globalization, starting from their own Genius Loci, from their unique identity that we must understand and interpret.

According to Future Concept Lab and through the discussions and case studies presented in the 4 workshops, Marketing of the occasion becomes the meeting point between the profile of places, the weight of their history and their geography, and the poetry of everyday life, which is expressed in the continuous development of personal and collective values ​​and behaviours, in a new perspective of ‘Creative Marketing’.