Ethic and Erotic: From the economy of the eye to the economy of the tongue and brain

The four 2004 workshops talked about how and why reality, people and the market respond in an unexpected and critical way to marketing proposals and companies: an original reflection on the conclusion of a whole cycle in which the eye and the image had the greatest importance, and a new phase opening up towards the other senses, the language, the excitement of the body and of the brain (a sort of eroticism of consumption) acquiring a more and more important role.

8th April 2004

Workshop on Aesthetics: Ethic and Erotic

The eroticism and the seduction of the content and of the shape for a profound involvement of integral consumers. Re-discovery of the primordial ethics in a lost third millennium. The longed for re-possession of the body and of the brain along with their subtle sensitivities.

The Individual and the Mask and the new concept of beauty: the case of cosmetics and other forms of artistic sensorial behaviours. From Rouge Baiser to Shiseido.

15th June 2004

Workshop on Consumption: Ethic and Heretic

Subvert and deconsecrate consumption conventions and codes until now identified as cheap, cult, chic, pop, trans, post… the woman and the man of tomorrow finally want to consume blamelessly beyond the false-ideological limits proposed by the parishes of marketing. A new ethic of consumption is coming: beware!

Extragender and Hypergender in the perspective of de-segmentation: the case of jeans and “image” companies that have made full use of the youth culture trends. From Gas to Diesel.

12th October 2004

Workshop on Communication: Ethic and Hieratic

The new communication philosophy is acquiring an austere character, almost spiritual. The idea is to operate the separation between expressed image and hard sale (usually hidden behind good intentions that are ‘socially responsible’)… One could define it as the ethic of the fair “middle course”, especially for advertising.

Communication, Imitation and Falsification: the new role of the testimonials and case of telecommunications. From Telecom to Vodafone.

30th November 2004

Workshop on Retail: Ethic and Heroic

It is an ethic of heroes the one pushing to the conquest of new territories and to the redefinition of the codes of new spaces. Places of battles and passions, in which the mark of the consumer (especially during the ‘sales’ period) is able to re-design the initially conceived and realised image.

The ethic and the epic of the new seller: the state of the art approach of e-commerce. From Yoox to “mass”.