The challenge of happiness: the trends and the happy products that are shaping the market

The 2003 series of Future Vision Workshops was a path rich with suggestions, stimuli and experimentation, all with the objective of exploring further the territories and possibilities of Asymmetric Marketing and happy consumption.

10th April 2003
Advanced Aesthetics: New Luxury & New Basic

Aesthetic experimentation and crossing between body and technology within the modern Babel of expressions: the 12 cases that represent the evolution of Luxury and Basic.

New designs and products such as the Smart Roadster, the Alessi bath, the Dolce & Gabbana collections, Molteni’s furniture or the Design Hotels, show that people’s perception of the consumption experience is changing, with the logics of luxury being crossed with the characteristics of “the basic”, creating for example new types of product such as the excellent commodities, and prepa- ring the market of the future. It is important to reflect over these phenomena, systemising their effects, in order to exploit their potential.

26th June 2003

Consumption Borders: Gender & Generations

Exchange between genders generations and experimentation, with the world of youngsters as a privileged point of observation.

Female and male now meet and clash with each other on a daily basis in defining the new logics of consumption. The work hypothesis that we are propo- sing is to analyse these phenomena starting from the change taking place in adolescents, and in that fourth sex which is increasingly coming to represent a new viewpoint in the dynamics of consumption.

9th October 2003

Communication Perspectives: Small Screen & Big Screen

Physical and vir tual reality and their crossings, layerings, suggestions that deeply modify the communication horizon of the Brand.

The change taking place in the world of communication is leading business people to reflect on the channels and supports of promotional communication, drawing up the new map of the media and of their efficacy, the problems of pri- vacy, which crosses with the logics of visibility, credibility and legitimacy of both Company and Brand. On this matter we propose a strategic reflection whose starting-point is an analysis of the success cases in this current period.

4th December 2003

Retail Experiences: Community & Personality

The place of transit and sales as the “mobile experimentation” of commerce.

Distribution has definitively become the experimental dimension through which the new strategies of how to relate to the market are defined. The retail experience is therefore the strategic testing bench against which the large and small companies will have to measure themselves in the near future if they want to show that they are in tune with the mental evolution of consumers and people. This final day, which closes the cycle of seminars, presents itself therefore as a time for verification and exploration, starting from the hypothesis that purchase and sale are becoming the pointer of the balance between the dynamics of personalisation and of belonging to the community.