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The Moleskine Lab

The research and consultancy performed by Future Concept Lab since 2012 for Moleskine was carried out using the tools provided by our Lab approach. The project was structured in various stages, methodologically diverse, yet closely related to each other.
The project led to the identification of strategic indications for planning the future steps of the company, at a time of great evolution with regards to its products, communication and retail expansion.
The Lab was carried out in four distinct phases, which enabled Future Concept Lab to analyze in-depth the main phenomena related to consumer usage of Moleskine products, and to decipher the current brand values, by incorporating them with the Paradigms of the Future and New Generational Targets, in different geographical contexts through use of the Genius Loci Program. Use of Future Concept Lab ‘s permanent in-house research programs (the Paradigms of the Future, the Mindstyles Program and the international Observatory of Consum-Authors) was essential to the project, both for the comprehension of materials and internal data from Moleskine and for the integration of the research methodologies in the field (ethnographic observation and focus groups).