Tabula Rara Design – Milan

Eight young designers at Domus Academy, under the guidance of Lucia Chrometzka, are showing their design work in Tabula Rara, an exhibition organised by Spazio Rosanna Orlandi, Milan, from 30th of November 2006 up to 31st December 2006.

The students were asked to explore the relationship between the tangible and the intangible, the deeply-rooted and the superficial, thereby proposing for the exhibition an object that reinforces the dialogue between different cultures, design experiences and personal stories…when sitting around a table. The project idea is conceived from a table around which eight designers from 6 different countries (Italy, Spain, Cyprus, China, Japan and Korea) exchange ideas about design, food and traditions of their home countries. This dialogue gives form to the table cloth Skin – Deep Table: digital multicultural writings. Conviviality comes alive. Source of inspiration is the table designed by Carlo Mollino for Casa Albonico in Turin in 1944. The table here becomes a table cloth that can also cover and “disguise” temporary tables, converting them in to exclusive objects that everyone can afford. Rediscovering the pleasure of the written word, pieces of family history, lost recipes and childhood poems are transformed into digital writings and applied on the surface of the textile fabric. On this table cloth, signs and words melt together and entwine themselves giving life to an evocative setting where the encounter between different people and countries is celebrated.