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Petrobras Lab

The Petrobras Lab project was the first big test for the new office of FCL do Brasil. A research project and strategic consultancy was made for the corporate communications department of Petrobras – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A, one of the world’s leading energy companies.
The project foresaw an initial brand check-up phase, during which the characteristics of the Brazilian giant were analyzed through use of the MindStyles Program. Petrobras is a major player not only in the field of energy, but also within the cultural, social responsibility, sports, and sustainability arenas. Therefore, all the company’s projects (profit and non-profit) were interpreted and conceptualized, placing them in context with the international socio-cultural realm.
The Lab also included a phase of field research in four cities: Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bogotà (Colombia) and Santiago (Chile), in which the relationship between different generations of motorists and gas stations was addressed.
Life occasions and urban routines, mobility, and user experience in sales points: the Petrobras Lab was a complete urban retail observatory, which enabled the company to connect directly with its younger customers and to design services in line with their desires and their needs.