Panorama Lab

On the threshold of its fiftieth birthday, in 2011 Panorama felt the need to launch its regeneration in terms of content and formula, for its repositioning in the market. Therefore, a Lab was started, lasting three months in which Future Concept Lab analyzed in depth the cultural trends of the collective imaginary, the use of news and the formation of opinions, integrating its research assets with an indepth look into the publishing culture in different occasions. A desk research was been carried out using the socio-cultural scenarios (values) and trends (behaviours) selected from Future Concept Lab’s research tools (Mindstyles Program and Consum-authors). This research indicated the new paradigms, trends and concept that were more relevant to the project, in line with the reference generational nuclei. Following this stage the materials produced by Future Concept Lab were shared and discussed together with the team at Panorama and actions were undertaken to implement these findings in the renewal of the magazine.