Natural Ladies – Milan

On the 30th of November 2006, at Milan’s Four Season, Francesco Morace, and Sandro Veronesi, president and founder of the brand Intimissimi presented to the press, the results of new research that the company commissioned from Future Concept Lab on occasion of the celebrations of the brands tenth anniversary.
From this research it was clear that a new feminine aptitude has emerged that is clearly linked to natural and fresh values. Women who are always more interested in the authentic aspects of daily life, true passions and relations, far from extreme aesthetics and exhibitionist status. The Intimissimi brand is known for its capacity to offer a product that is capable of satisfying an everyday dream. Points of sale, transversal to generations and tastes, where to find a spirit of shared experience, more and more searched for by women who want to live their femininity in a natural way and who feel tired of stereotypes of an impossible beauty.
The press conference launched the celebrations that followed on the evening of the 29th of November at la Pelota in Milan where a short film by Sergio Castellitto entitled “Sono Io” was presented.
The renowned director gave his artistic interpretation of the brands values, proposing a short film of great emotive impact within which the themes of femininity and complicity were represented in an extremely sensitive and poetic key.