“Moda: antecipar o futuro, promover a mundança” Workshop – Lisbon

Lucia Chrometzka and Elisabetta Pasini were invited by AESE, a Business School based in Lisbon and Porto, to hold a two-days workshop for professionals regarding the analysis of global and local trends, using the methodological tools of the Institute. The workshop included sections dedicated to methodology and research findings on Retail sector and Performance Age trends but also training for the development of new business hypothesis: a chance of experiencing the unique expertise of Future Concept Lab’s trend analysis.

The workshop, entitled “Moda: antecipar o futuro, promover a mundança ” was held from the 12th-13th march 2007 at AESE headquarters in Lisbon. The 35 participants, excucutives who hold key positions in companies like Josè Antonio Tenente and Citeve, arrived from different parts of Portugal in order to participate at this occasion.

During this occasion, the FCL trend experts, Elisabetta Pasini and Lucia Chrometzka, after presenting the Institute’s methodological tools and the Institute’s research findings regarding the Performance Age trends and the retail bussiness, explored the efficient mix between creative brainstorming and step-by-step development of new hypothesis based on the FCL working process model, with the objective to identify new projects which can be successful in Europe, staring from the Portoghese Genius Loci, including hypothesis of a specific target, products, communication and entry strategies. The participants worked in groups and each group presented the final project to the rest of the audience, which was followed by discussion on how to develop further the business idea, working on each project’s unique and original aspects.