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Fiat CRM Lab

In 2012 FCL do Brasil conducted a research project for Fiat Brasil (CRM – Customer Relationship Marketing), on behalf of ISVOR, Universidade Corporativa Fiat Chrysler Latam. The research was based on the methodology MIND THE GAP®, and consisted of ethnographic observation and in-depth interviews with 4 generational nuclei in the city of Sao Paulo. With this project, Fiat hopes to strengthen its relationship with customers, creating services and actions geared specifically towards them and that involve the dealerships as well, fostering an empathetic relationship with each target.
A presentation of the research findings was central to an event put on by Fiat, which involved many Brazilian professionals from different fields (philosophers, journalists, media experts and brand managers) who joined together in a project capable of stimulating at all levels the Fiat managers who were present.