A Festival to restart from the future. Together.

“The Festival addresses the issue of growth, transforming it from economic enigma to cultural challenge, productive and developmental ”

Francesco Morace,
Sociologist and President of Future Concept Lab

The Festival della Crescita is a project developed and produced by Future Concept Lab, with the objective of creating a virtuous circle between the protagonists of growth and development, be they citizens or institutions, businesses or creatives, students or professionals. Sowing education and harvesting innovation, for a happy and possible growth of “Italian system”.

Launched October 2015 in Milan, on occasion of Expo, in 2016 and 2017 the Festival drew a “map” of growth, with an active and articulated presence on the Italian territory, in two years (from october 2015 to october 2017) creating 21 special editions in 17 cities.

The 2018 edition of the Festival, consolidating its vocation as a “growing project”, will relaunch its evolution and diffusion in many Italian regions. In 2018, between February and October, the different editions will focus on growth and innovative projects, at both a national and local level, creating connections and developments between citizens and businesses, institutions and realities working within the territory.

The Manifesto della Crescita (Manifesto of Growth), the result of reflections matured and shared during the first two years of the festival, is a interdisciplinary platform of the many meetings and initiatives promoted, including the book Crescere! Un manifesto in dodici mosse, edited by Francesco Morace and published by Egea (August 2017). 

The contributions made by many Ambassadors, can be found on the Festival’s Youtube channel.