Crescita Felice: Courage

Mature societies suffer from a lack of energy. Must start afresh from a collective regeneration: the main subject to be taught to our children in school is the courage to dare. More info … [Video in Italian]

Crescita Felice: Contents

We arrive from a world in which the type of communication was important: the rhythm, languages, and construction of the message… Today we return to rely more on content, the uniqueness of what is told and its authenticity. More info … [Video in Italian]

Festival IN – Lisbon

Festival IN – Lisbon

Festival IN, Lisbon. Future Concept Lab and Pardal will launch their partnership in two events at the Festival that is to be held between the 23rd and 26th of April. Sabrina Donzelli and Elisabetta Pasini will host a seminar entitled “L’innovazione che guarda alle persone” and are responsible for the curatorship of artistic performances …

Crescita Felice: Excellence

Excellence creates a landscape of goods and services with high added value or aesthetic experience. It is here that the Italian excellence proposes its own unique and universal talent, with a progression that starts from craft know how and crossing the dimension of taste and quality. More info … [Video in Italian]