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Barbanera Lab

Editoriale Campi (owner of Barbanera, since 1762 the most famous almanac of Italy), in 2010, approaching the 250th birthday of the original calendar, approached Future Concept Lab with a request for research and consultancy with the aim of defining as a priority the new strategic focus for the almanac and calendar, in line with the socio-cultural changes taking place.
The research carried out started with a Brand Check-up phase, able to define a new Brand Architecture, using the Mindstyles Program, supported by dialogues with the company management and analysis of the publishers historic materials. The following step was made up of a two-phase ad hoc research, through focus groups and individual in-depth interviews with the final customer, with the further aim of defining the new logo and graphics.
The research results were then used in the renewal of the brands graphics and contents and to define the outlines of a plan to develop the brand through new editorial paths (also linked to the Foundation Barbanera 1762), such as exhibitions, seminars and multimedia publishing services linked to training at their Spello headquarters. And we celebrated Barbanera’s 250th Birthday, participating in several events organized by the company: from Milan (video link) to Spello, passing through Foligno, where Barbanera was born.