1° International Seminar of Consumption Behaviours – Rio de Janeiro

The SENAI/CETIQT – Center of Technology of the Chemistry and Textile Industry of Brazil, one of the most important Graduation Centers on Human Resources for the National Textile Chain, invited Francesco Morace and Linda Gobbi, founders of Future Concept Lab, to hold a one day seminar in Brazil. The 1° Seminário Internacional de Comportamento e Consumo, um Foco em Moda e Design – Entenda o novo Consumidor was held on 17th of august 2006 at Centro de Convenções do Centro Empresarial Mário Henrique Simonsen (Barra da Tijuca), at Rio de Janeiro.
The seminar had as its main goal to offer for the participants (entrepreneurs, managers, fashion designers, marketing and creative people), a wide panorama of the most important motivations and signs of changes on the consumer behavior. Presenting the most recent studies about the new consumption targets and its most relevant behavioral characteristics, the audience could understand better the role of Brazil and how the country could develop new products and have a better market positioning.
The seminar was divided on two sections, the first one “The Aesthetic and the New Generational Performance” and the second one “The Age through the mirror of consumption”.
To begin, Francesco Morace and Linda Gobbi described FCL research methodology such as the “Wind of Roses” and how the geo-position results on different kinds of leaderships (competitive, connective, charismatic and visionary). After that, they talked about the entrance of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) as new protagonist of the global market and how the variable of age is a key element for the various types of consumption.
Making some specific Brazilian examples, such as the Campana Brothers, and the film director Fernando Meirelles, Francesco strengthened the role of Brazil as a country that could export new languages and aesthetics and some lost values in the world such as joy of living, relational capacity and spontaneity. The new targets of consumption were defined as Posh Tweens, Expo Teens, Sense Girls, Singular Women, DeLuxe Men and Tripping Seniors.
The second and last part, focused on the new groups and categories of consumers in various countries (from China to Europe, India and USA), identifying the age as the conductor on the research and exploration of new consumption behaviors and its relation to the various types of marketing: ethic marketing, sensorial marketing, experiential marketing, marketing based on time, tribal marketing, marketing of knowledge, marketing of the authentic. The American teenagers, the young Finns or the Unique Chinese sons were some of the examples of phenomenons that influenced the rest of the world.
During the seminar Francesco Morace was interviewed by Globo News, that transmit on the Brazilian TV (chanell 41) some of his ideas about the BRICs, the role of Brazil on the global market and the most important consumption trends.