Crescita Felice: Gesture

After leaving manipulation and simulation behind us, the power of gesture resurfaces, that of corporeality at its most performative: the painstaking craftsmanship of the artisan and the explosive gesture of the great sportsmen. More info … [Video in Italian]

Crescita Felice: Courage

Mature societies suffer from a lack of energy. Must start afresh from a collective regeneration: the main subject to be taught to our children in school is the courage to dare. More info … [Video in Italian]

Crescita Felice: Contents

We arrive from a world in which the type of communication was important: the rhythm, languages, and construction of the message… Today we return to rely more on content, the uniqueness of what is told and its authenticity. More info … [Video in Italian]

Crescita Felice: Excellence

Excellence creates a landscape of goods and services with high added value or aesthetic experience. It is here that the Italian excellence proposes its own unique and universal talent, with a progression that starts from craft know how and crossing the dimension of taste and quality. More info … [Video in Italian]