Turning the crisis into an opportunity

Fast Track is a service created in 2012 by Future Concept Lab to address the crisis and turn it into an opportunity, and subsequently as a targeted “response” to specific business needs.

A quick, effective and economic way to help companies around the world respond to today’s crisis-stricken market in innovative and productive ways, by enabling them to successfully reach the 16 generational generational nuclei, developed by Future Concept Lab in its over 25 years of research in 25 countries around the world.

The Fast Track project has the objective of bringing to market a new and innovative mixture of research and consultancy, something that has always characterized the activities of Future Concept Lab but that, through this focused and compact service, today has the goal of concretely support the world of marketing and research, allowing for the stimulation of new ideas and and concepts. Also enabling ad hoc effective responses in the context of the international crisis.

Fast Track allows Companies:

  • to gain access to wide and articulated documentation containing the profile of the Consum-Authors (split into 16 generational nuclei, as in the book and the International observatory by Future Concept Lab) focusing on the area of consumption, with globally valid considerations
  • to be constantly updated on trends linked to each Sector/Target, each accompanied by rich visual and conceptual stimuli linked in a simple and immediate way to the consumption profile of the 16 Consum-Authors generations, with the presentation of successful products, events, projects and places
  • to participate in a work meeting with the staff of Future Concept Lab, in order to develop a detailed understanding of the various contents and solutions, bringing into focus and strategically orienting the keywords presented within the documentation
  • to receive an ad hoc report of analysis produced by Future Concept Lab for the Company. In the final presentation, the Institute will share the results of the work carried out for the company and its sector. This is a strategic presentation and moment of consulting in which Future Concept Lab presents its research results through a matrix relating to the elective Target, applying the Fast Track contents to the businesses needs and indicating all possible strategic directions for the future.