With social media we have entered the era of consumption of ourselves: not only of our image but also of an existence that is pulverized. We seem free, but the gaze of others subjects us to a social pressure never seen before: we are in the volatile dimension of Ultra. In the stories we tell and that we launch without a net, the Ego swells and often explodes like a balloon inflated out of proportion. The digital world produces new opportunities, but at the same time makes the world of work uncertain. Artificial intelligence is advancing but so are its hallucinations, and the risk that it will make us stupider is tangible. It was supposed to be an era of peace and we find ourselves in the midst of conflicts whose logic escapes us. Something doesn’t add up: could it be modernity that has gone from liquid to gaseous? Algorithms make us more demanding but also more frustrated and dissatisfied? Faced with these issues, Francesco Morace tries to analyse the reasons, understand the conditions, find solutions. Because perhaps the path lies in lightening the weight of existence, training, meeting and wandering, facing our experience like a gliders flight towards new horizons.

Modernità gassosa. Istruzioni di volo contro la sindrome del pallone gonfiato
Publisher: Egea (September 2023)
Language: Italian
Price: € 16,50
Buy Online: www.amazon.it

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