Sustainability is in fashion, at least in words. The term is found more and more often in the statements made by politicians, in the recommendations of international organizations, in the commitments of business leaders and in the advertising of many products. All this, together with the evident discrepancy between the commitments assumed and the behaviors practiced, has led many to believe that the word «sustainability» so abused as to be «burned» on the cultural level. However, if we investigate further, we discover that the concept has been taken very seriously by individuals accustomed to concreteness and foresight including successful companies. The stories told in this book prove without a shadow of a doubt that, despite the difficulties encountered in implementing it, the choice of sustainability, initially expensive, later brings great advantages. The cost is linked not so much and not only to the expenses that must be incurred to modify the production and organizational processes, but above all to the cultural paradigm shift that this approach entails because everyone – from politics to business, from media to consumers – come to change the grammar of their behavior and to speak a language suitable for the challenges of the 21st century. In this «chess game» of sustainability, the 26 companies selected by the authors play by executing different moves, just like the different pieces on the chessboard. Who will be the King and who the Queen, champions of the values at stake? Which the Rooks, bastions of enlightened entrepreneurial families? And which are the forerunner Bishops and the Knights ready to take a leap?

L’alfabeto della sostenibilità. 26 modi di essere sostenibili
Publisher: Egea (January 2023)
Language: Italian
Price: € 30,00
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