What can the role of Italy, of its corporate system, its cultural dimension be in the scenario of radical change that day after day unfolds before our eyes? Following two decades in which our country remained on the margins of social innovation that is changing the world, how can we Italians deal with this change?
For the two authors – Francesco Morace and Barbara Santoro – the Italian Factor is the answer to these unavoidable questions: a “multiplier of value” that emerges from a careful process of analysis and understanding of the strategic potential of Italy and the Italians. The book, published by Egea in January 2014, therefore deals with different cognitive stages, considering the historical dimension, dedicated to the epochs of the rebirth of Italy; the psychological dimension dedicated to the Italian virtues; the socio-cultural dimension dedicated to future directions; the dimension of business dedicated to best practices and the possible factors for growth and development, and culminating in an economic-political vision dedicated the possible activation of the Italian Factor.
Rendering clear and explicit those elements that for centuries limit and shape the character of the Italians, in the book the “levers” are brought into focus through which to transform the Italian spirit and the Italian Way (the way of doing things and therefore producing both through the crafts and industry) into Italian Factor. That is transforming a psychological vocation and a cultural aptitude into a economic factor that can multiply the value of our activities and our businesses.

Italian Factor – Moltiplicare il valore di un paese
by: Francesco Morace, Barbara Santoro
Publisher: Egea (January 2014)
Language: Italian
Price: € 17.50
Buy Online: www.amazon.it

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