A book that reflects on the need to redefine the map of our thinking and our actions, relying on data as a fuel for a new intelligence, less oriented to immediate desires and instead committed to building a better world.
“When technology meets empathy and the all-human responsibility of choice, it produces humanity at the third power”. It is from here that the analysis by Francesco Morace leads. The author starts from the awareness that in the medium to long term artificial intelligence will help to bring out and mature and true power of the human, which has always moved between whim and genius. We will be, however, us who have to decide in which terms and in which direction. What the author hopes is that, having to measure oneself against machine learning, humankind will be forced to understand the extraordinary mystery of its uniqueness, finally identifying the poetic secret of its greatness: affectivity as the core of its existence and subjectivity. Only in this way, with its values such as beauty, goodness and love, will mankind be able to prevail over artificial intelligence. The compass that the latter claims to provide is only functional, computational, but always without the meaning that only we can give to things. Machines do not hope and this will remain our immeasurable advantage: the added value of the human is the utopian tension towards a desired future. Men and women are machines that desire. Our future will depend on the quality of our desires and an ability to hope.
The bet lies in the ability of the human to activate its deepest intelligence nurturing sensibly the new data that will be available and that do not constitute an alternative world, but rather the fuel for new forms of intelligence, oriented less towards immediate desires (that become whims) and instead engaged in the strategic construction of a better world. It will be a question of curbing the risks and vices that can be glimpsed in a society oriented towards cynicism, indifference and narcissism: the risk does not lie in the machines, but in whimsical stupidity that is wholly human, that could irremediably mark our time. To face this challenge and win the bet, we must transform the whim of curiosity, passivity into passion, and chaos into care. The first two parts of the book are dedicated to these parallel transformations. The third part is instead dedicated to unexpected solutions, hinged on those human qualities, all at your fingertips, that we often do not perceive as a value and that instead make us so deeply human: the look/glance.

Futuro + Umano – Quello che l’intelligenza artificiale non potrà mai darci
Publisher: Egea (October 2018)
Language: Italian
Price: € 24,00
Buy Online: www.amazon.it

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