Pellettieri d’Abruzzo – Teramo

On the 13th of December at the headquarters of API di Teramo, a press conference was held to present the preliminary results of research that has the scope of re-launching Abruzzo’s leather sector.

During the morning, professor Enrico del Colle (pro rector at the Università degli Studi in Teramo), and Prof. Massimo Sargiacomo (lecturer at the Università degli studi G. D’Annunzio, Chieti and Pescara), and Prof. Francesco Morace (Founder of Future Concept Lab) and Paolo Ferrarini (researcher at Future Concept Lab), presented the objectives and first results of the research that will bring to light the strategy for the near future.

Prof. Dal Colle, following the analysis of a series of questionnaires completed by companies of the sector, put into evidence through a series of maps, the great importance of the small productive realities: an interesting observation in regard to the fact that the increase in a companies size, sees a proportional increase in the amount of manual labour carried out.

Prof. Sargiacomo delineated the results of the SWAT analysis, inside of which saw the identification on one side of the great visibility of the sector (through strong traditions, in the high density of the companies, in the record growth of the luxury sector), and on the other limits and fears (the entrepreneurial nanism, the insufficient predisposition to innovation and the strong competition of Asian countries).

Instead Prof. Morace and Ferrarini put into evidence 4 possible areas for strategic action and positioning of the district, in particular within the area of aesthetics and consumption. It emerged that the sector and the district today have great possibilities to successfully place itself within the global fashion and business panorama, on the condition that a synergic and systemic direction within the district, but also with the neighbouring districts and creative centres of excellence is taken.

There were also present representatives of local companies and institutions including the Institute for Foreign commerce and Regione Abruzzo’s Commission for Productive activities.