“La Profesion del Coolhunter” – Pamplona

The University of Navarra in Spain invited Elisabetta Pasini and Lucia Chrometzka, researchers of Future Concept Lab, to hold a two-days workshop for professionals regarding the analysis of global and local trends, using the methodological tools of the Institute. The workshop included sections dedicated to methodology and case studies presentations, but also training and creative thinking: a chance of experiencing the unique expertise of Future Concept Lab’s trend analysis. The workshop, entitled “La Profesion del Coolhunter” (the job of a cool hunter) was held on the 27th-28th January 2006 at University of Navarra in Pamplona (Spain). The 40 participants, professionals working in various sectors (like Givenchy and Alicer) but also Master degree students, arrived from different parts of the world in order to participate at this event.

The workshop started with the presentation and description of the Mindstyles Program and the importance of the global phenomena. A good part of the day was dedicated to the presentation of the 6 trends of consumption proposed in the book “European Asymmetries” by Future Concept Lab.In the second part of the first day, the Institute researchers asked the 4 work groups, each constituted of 8 participants, to choose a trend and to develop an original project that might be an expression of that trend: a possible new business idea/venue for the Spanish market. The Institute team assisted the groups during the working process and helped the development of the project scenario.

The second day was dedicated to the presentation of the International network of correspondents and its activities, ranging from the cool hunting research to the “Wind Rose” of cultural values and the “Genius Loci Program”. The workshop was concluded with the presentations of each group and their project proposals. The participants commented on each other’s proposals and voted for the most interesting one.
The final discussion between the participants and the Future Concept Lab team regarded the potential of each project and the importance of creativity in every business sector.

During this occasion, the Future Concept Lab researchers Elisabetta Pasini and Lucia Chrometzka had the chance not only to present some of the Institute’s main activities but also to exchange ideas and discuss on the importance of training and creative thinking with the participants, such as the Spanish research agency “4reasons”, or the ISEM post-graduate Academy.