Il bilancio etico di Findomestic – Florence

On occasion of the presentation of Findomestic’s sustainability report 2005 in Florence a meeting was coordinated by Maurizio Mannoni on the theme of the companies social responsibility.
Francesco Morace, who was within the relaters, deepened the theme of relational marketing and the 6 R’s: Responsibility, Respect, Relevance, Resonance, Recognition and Reciprocity. For companies the social balance and code of ethics have become essential instruments that don’t limit themselves in being integration’s to marketing strategies, but that mould deep values and behaviours. Ethics is no longer just an option for illuminated entrepreneurs like for example Adriano Olivetti, but is transformed into a challenge, a search of new credibility: a parameter that the future can not betray. The great groups have understood and start to seriously invest in these foundations, as is the case with Vodafone, who’s secretary general Ida Linzalone is the vocal testimony.