For a variety of professional reasons from time to time I happen to be in contact with Francesco Morace and his Institute. Such a collaboration is always a guarantee. But beyond this, the work of Morace has served me greatly due to his brilliant and very attentive hypothesis, aimed at imagining new scenarios and new worlds for society, and all of humanity. His slogans, formulas, and visions of change are to me a continuous and stimulating verification that I often place at the basis of my own research. Thus I own the entire collection of his books, and I keep updated on the activities of Future Concept Lab, of which I am grateful and appreciative for their intelligent activity.

Alessandro Mendini

Future Concept Lab’s contribution was instrumental during a crucial phase of Meltin’Pot’s launch, that of defining its “personality”. Without the tools and analysis that they provided us with, everything would have been much more difficult.

Augusto Romano, CEO

As we well know within the (very special) practises of Italian design, the classic marketing research model does not enjoy a large audience: we usually proceed by intuition, with a deliberately paradoxical way of doing that is hard to grasp for this discipline absorbed in its purely numerical and statistic ways. Having said this I must admit that Francesco Morace and his team at Future Concept Lab have so far been the only specialists who have helped me to better understand our way of marketing ourselves.

Alberto Alessi, CEO

The meeting with Francesco Morace and the Institute that he created and directs is not only useful but also essential for all those who want to reason on the future of human needs.
My own experience with Future Concept Lab helped me to reflect and grow; no words exist to thank him for existing.

Elio Fiorucci

For the Deborah Group, Future Concept Lab offers a unique opportunity to “connect” with the world and to decode new sociological trends. Being able to break away from the business, to broaden our horizons, by dealing with the experiences of other brands and sharing the behavior and consumption trends that will spread in the short-term is essential for a company like ours that wants to stay current both with the times and consumer needs.
Their workshops are fundamental moments of discussion that offer a broad look at what is happening in dynamic and rapidly developing countries such as Brazil, China, India and Russia. Its division into modules (Retail, Communication…) allows us to involve our employees in a systematic manner depending on the area, so as to maximize on the training element of these events.

Sofia Bonetti, Art Director
Deborah Group

Future Concept Lab is a glimpse into the present future. Its instruments are the most simple and easy way to grasp even the weakest of signals regarding consumer expectations of services and habits in the coming years. Indispensable!

Erika Fattori, Head of Community Intelligence

Fundemental. A single adjective to describe our meeting with Future Concept Lab and their qualified activities of research and strategic consulting. Particularly appreciated was the extraordinary ability of their team to get in tune with our company supporting us in the incessant activities of aesthetic and functional research and supporting us with their ongoing commitment to anticipate the constantly changing needs of the consumer.

Domenico Guzzini, President
Fratelli Guzzini

In a scenario of hyper competitiveness and discontinuity like that which we are experiencing, the competitive differential becomes a deep knowledge of human desires, interpreted with an eye for business and surprising the market with new propositions of value. With this in mind a better understanding of people’s behaviours across the generational targets offered by Future Concept Lab has been very important in the identifying of latent opportunities in the relationship with current and potential clients.

Denise Eler
Isvor Fiat Brasil

In recent years, the partnership between the Centre for Jewish Culture and Future Concept Lab has led to the conception of special projects able to highlight the central role of culture in the formation of man. Starting from the paradigms analyzed by Future Concept Lab for all areas of human behaviour, both within the personal and professional context, it has been possible to bring new insights into culture and innovative themes and thus enrich the debate on the future conduct of society. In this way, we have expanded the field of our activities to embrace different audiences, and we have strengthened our position as a cultural institution of excellence, open to all.

Yael Steiner, Director
Centro da Cultura Judaica, Sao Paolo

There is a fine line between reality and trend: one is punctual, describes the moment, the other describes the prospect of what we can do to change this reality; by following this difference in meaning, one must be the agent of this collective change and not “run after” it alone. In the various projects in which Grendene has worked with Future Concept Lab, it has been possible, with clear methods and objectives, to balance these insights very well, so as to ensure the analysis of the perceptions/feelings of consumers and, consequently, design actions that surprise consumers and shareholders. This is how we firmly maintain the market: through constant research, and without a crystal ball.

Edson Matsuo, Creative Director

We contacted Future Concept Lab because we were interested in understanding the still unexpressed communication potential of our brand.
Thanks to the efforts of the team we have had the opportunity to reflect on the possibility of telling our story to other parties beyond that of our groups of consum-authors of choice.

Alessandro Vecchiato, CEO

Working with Future Concept Lab has been a very strong way of looking at the past and present time to build a product looking at the future in a sort of open lab where all the professions involved in the project were bringing expertise, new way of reinterpreting key elements and visions, positive energy and new constructive ideas. Great alchemy and complicity between ICR ITF group, the Trussardi Family and Future Concept Lab where then translated into a product: the new Trussardi My land.

Giorgia Martone, Marketing Director

The collaboration with Future Concept Lab has provided an opportunity for many professionals in the company to open their horizons and minds regardless of their specific activity. It’s a less conventional approach to the observation of trends that are shaping the planets societies. The assistance of Future Concept Lab’s experts in the dissemination and understanding of these phenomena is the other strongly qualifying uniqueness of this collaboration.

Massimo Cesaretti, Consumer Research Director
Ferrero - Soremartec

Future Concept Lab has a medium to long-term vision, in contrast to today’s fast consumption of ideas.

Luigi Rubinelli, Managing Director
Retail Watch

Francesco Morace and his Future Concept Lab are really unconventional, outstanding providers in innovation process: their restless creativity and smart angle to look at business challenges make them an excellent partner to face the complex contemporary consumption environment.

Cinzia Marchetti, Market Research Director

Working with Future Concept Lab has allowed us to better understand our customers and to see within and beyond the trends of the consumer that we serve.

Angelo Mazzieri, CEO

Each innovative project capable of making a positive change at 360 degrees shows us how success is dependent on having an understanding of the social dynamics in the markets and the cultural transformations of consumers. Future Concept Lab has a unique vision because of their viewpoint and their keen ability to interpret. All this makes Future Concept Lab a strategic partner in the innovation process.

Stefano Marzano, Chief Design Officer

Even for the experts, is sometimes not easy to disentangle the complex and ever-changing scenarios of Fashion. Thanks to the transversal approach and distinctive competencies of Future Concept Lab, but above all thanks to their constant and tireless pursuit of excellence, we have been able explore new trends and make the most of the untapped potential of our brand.
I think that the distinctive value of Future Concept Lab, be their curiosity and ability to be influenced by so many different territories and a critical and constant analysis that leads to the identification of new worlds to be explored.

Maria Maria

The meetings with Francesco Morace and all his teams have always fascinated for the vision that they have proposed, for the prospects that exceed channels and geography.
Francesco has also participated in meetings with our sales team, and his charisma has always involved and excited all.

Carlo Urbinati, CEO

There are aspects of a brand that are difficult to perceive through internal processes. Future Concept Lab has helped us discover new readings and different mental paths to allow us to effectively manage our communication.

Ariella Risch, external relations Global PR Department

The need to communicate with the world in a different way is essential today: the values, ways of life, have changed, consumers desire products that give new sensations. Future Concept Lab has successfully supported Sistema Moda Italia to help companies in the textile and fashion sector to understand the changes and epochal trends in act.

Gianfranco Di Natale, Managing Director
SMI Sistema Moda Italia