In the book Società Felici, Francesco Morace, introduces and goes in-depth into reflections and paths used within marketing, that are combined into a greater political vision and the civil and social dimension, re-launching the topics of existential vision and civil passion.
An articulated analysis regarding Radical Modernity that is facing itself on the economic-political horizon as well as on the associate-cultural one, offering new guidelines for the future of Companies and Societies.

With Società Felici, Francesco Morace’s starting point is that of the challenge of happiness, as well as the stronger instances on which modernity is hinged, from the universality of civil rights, to the attainment of personal happiness, have been more representative today and put into effect on more occasions than ever before.
A meaning of modernity that is radicalized and that, the author says works on the distill of ones own history, in order to put forward new life strategies that recognize however the centrality of values founded from the modern: happiness, freedom, equality, fraternity. A vision that looks at the Post-Modern like a season in its sunset, not more a destiny, or neither a destination.

Società Felici, is a book that proves wrong nearly all the rules of the marketing handbook, from segmentation to personalisation. A path that – from the theoretical reflections to the strategic indications – accompanies, stimulates and provokes the reader: be he/she an entrepreneur or a researcher, a strategic adviser or a creative.

Società Felici – La morte del post-moderno e il ritorno dei grandi valori
By: Francesco Morace
Publisher: Libri Scheiwiller (November 2004)
Language: Italian

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