Real Fashion Trends is the fifth book-laboratory by Future Concept Lab that focuses on the scenarios and trends linked to the world of fashion, starting from the daily life of people.

The first part of the book recounts in a synthetic way, through the identification and the evolution of the 8 main trends, the extraordinary richness of the work of daily analysis that Future Concept Lab has conducted over 15 years and the thousands of images received from the cult searchers and cool hunters selecting and documenting the vital expressions of fashion in 25 countries.

The second part of the book describes the contribution of the emergent BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India e China) countries have given in recent years to the world of global fashion, with style and trends that today show themselves to be at the centre of social, cultural and economic elaboration.

The third and final part of the book explains what a cool hunter does, illustrating the methodologies and techniques needed to seriously become one, responding to the desires of thousands of young professionals the world over who wish to learn this trade.

Real Fashion Trends – The cool hunter guide
Publisher: Libri Scheiwiller (September 2007)
Language: English, Italian
Price: € 29,90
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