The book PreVisioni e PreSentimenti concludes the trilogy by Francesco Morace that opened with Controtendenze and Metatendenze , describing and identifying the socio-cultural trends that become the guidelines of our existence both in a personal and collective way.

The ForSights and Insights that emerge after twenty years of research and direct contact with the world of project-within the Companies, associations and Universities- are gathered and become the stories of the Mindstyles Atlas : the new thinking styles that characterize the everyday life experience of each of us.
The book is the result of team work during years of research, the Future Concept Lab team, revealing the profile of the Collective imaginary that is changing continuously, proposing landscapes of experience and thought that are more and more fascinating. “Landscapes” that- the same as the Companies, Institutions or individuals- have to be understood in order to communicate the other side of this sociological adventure that tells the story of the present, is being represented by the profound quality of the literary archetypes and the theoretic reflections proposed by the philosopher Fabio Maria Risolo.
This way, a play between the archetypes of the past and the occasions of the present, has been created. A game that is able to demonstrate the interpretative sparks of great importance and interest for the reader who wants to be ready to face a future that is already there.

PreVisioni e PreSentimenti – Stili di pensiero per un futuro ormai presente
By: Francesco Morace
Publisher: Sperling & Kupfer (September 2000)
Language: Italian
Price: € 18,85
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