In “I Paradigmi del Futuro. Lo scenario dei Trend”, Francesco Morace interprets the trends that have woven together to form the collective landscape over the last ten years, from the September 11th tragedy up to today. Through an in-depth analysis and effective summarisation of the international landscape of both current and future trends in consumption, Morace elaborates on the research activities performed by his institute, Future Concept Lab and how their work can help companies and people map their future.

The analytic and narrative development of this book unravels itself over the course of the chapters, by proposing a series of trends and concepts that are related to the various consumption sectors (from the food/restaurant and fashion industries, to those of wellbeing, beauty and home/design) and through an analysis of the 12 global generational groups (that the institute observes and elaborates on annually, in order to maintain an updated profile of the diverse generational consumer groups). In the book, Morace describes the four paradigms that emerged from a research project done for Accenture and which direct the future of the world: Unique & Universal, Crucial & Sustainable, Trust & Sharing and Quick & Deep.

In a conversation about his most recent project, Morace affirms, “It is important to understand that work on paradigms goes in-depth, takes time and requires much reflection that is capable for example, of being permanently measured against social-cultural changes. The intent of this volume is to aid in the understanding of this subject matter. In our work on trends, in life dimensions and in consumption sectors, we want to show the continuity of a vision that Future Concept Lab has been proposing in its over twenty years of activity, as well as the results this way of thinking and acting has successfully produced over time, even within the companies and institutions that have adopted our vision from working with us.”

I Paradigmi del Futuro – Lo scenario dei Trend
by: Francesco Morace
Publisher: Nomos Edizioni (December 2011)
Language: Italian
Price: € 19.00
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