L’impresa del Talento represents the continuation of the journey started back in 2010 with Il Talento dell’impresa.
Francesco Morace, Giovanni Lanzone and Linda Gobbi in this book continue their investigation into the entrepreneurial excellence of the Italian territory, with the help of ten further entrepreneurs – of first, second and third generation, at the head of “renaissance” companies: all examples of growth and sustainability in various sectors.
The research, that through this second book arrives to twenty companies, encompasses almost the whole national territory and includes entrepreneurial realities in many different sectors, here follow the ten companies involved in the second book: Barbanera, Brosway, Ermes Ponti, Foscarini, ICR -ITF, IRSA P, Marramiero, Officina di Santa Maria Novella, Robilant Associati and Stone Island.

Also in L’impresa del Talento the research is carried out using the instrument of Socratic dialogue with the entrepreneurs, who recount their experiences and business stories, from a personal and unique point of view. A large space is also reserved for the photo reportage carried out ad hoc by Martino Lombezzi (Agenzia Contrasto) who portrays entrepreneurs, factories and workers at work, telling with the pictures the life and work within the organisations.

Once again at the center of the reflections of the authors are the strengths of sistema Italia in this time of paradigmatic crisis.

L’impresa del Talento – I territori creativi delle aziende italiane
by: Giovanni Lanzone, Francesco Morace & Linda Gobbi
Publisher: Nomos Edizioni (May 2012)
Language: Italian
Price: € 60.00
Buy Online: www.amazon.it

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