Working with Brazil for over ten years with the belief that this country is the Laboratory for the Future, Future Concept Lab launches a reflection linked to the concepts of uniqueness and universality: the book “Eu, Brasil”.

Starting from this premise, which comes from the Institutes experience in Brazil, the book strategically contributes to helping understand the potential of a country with cultural and social paradoxes but also with great creative and productive vitality.
Consisting of seven illustrated chapters, the book weaves a historical, natural, cultural, social and entrepreneurial narrative of Brazil, giving strategic indications for “the Brazil of the future”.

“Eu, Brasil” is a Future Concept Lab publication, produced by the Italian publisher Nomos Edizioni, with the aim of providing a strategic contribution to Brazilian companies through a sociological view of the country able to “identify” within Brazil all its potential, both present and future.

Eu, Brasil
by: Francesco Morace & Future Concept Lab
Publisher: Nomos Edizioni (April 2013)
Language: Portuguese
Price: € 60.00
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