In the book Body Visions, Future Concept Lab explores the values, the behaviours and the successful cases regarding the perception and experience of wellbeing and beauty. Through an international observatory activated four years ago on behalf of Cosmoprof, the leading Italian Fair in the cosmetics sectors, the book proposes a fascinating trip in five continents, identifying and illustrating the trends of the body both for the present and the future are illustrated in this book, including examples and successful case studies in the world of retail and Spas, beauty salons and perfume shops.

With Body Visions the trends that define and describe the new qualities of life are under investigation: the body’s and soul’s serenity, the beauty rituals and care to be shared, the energetic body challenge, the memory and places storytelling through one’s own physical experience.

The book Body Visions proposes in its articulation all the elements that make up the 360 degrees panorama of research in beauty and well-being.
The first part of the book is dedicated to the socio-cultural analysis of a renewed and centered body experience. A refound erotic passion for the world, from a point of view of the Institute, stimulates and supports, together with the dream of relation, the importance of the ‘body experience’. The Institute finds as the tangible sign of such bodily competence extends directly from the experience of body care to other ambles of life both individual and collective: from fashion to food, from consumption to art, the domestic environment to free time.

The second part of the book explores, through key Signals, consumption, retail and places of well-being, the six beauty trends and well-being: Decontractive Wellness, Pro-ethics Health, Hypersense Rituals, Sharing Care, Physical Experimentation, Storytelling Beauty.

The third and last part of the book proposes and focuses on the modern icons of beauty (feminine and male): from the collective imaginary, the interpreters and witnesses of the various aspects of beauty. In the conclusive part the topic of beauty and Genius Loci is covered, with relative suggestions to its expressions in all five continents.

Body Visions – The 6 trends of well-being and beauty in the world
Publisher: Libri Scheiwiller (December 2004)
Language: English, Italian

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