Sociologist, specialized in research methods for studying Social Indicators and data processing, who since 1980 has been working in the areas of social and market research. Her professional experience began as a researcher in various Italian universities and Social and Market Research insitutes, where she focused on socio-cultural and consumer segmentation research. In 1989, she was a founding member of Trends Lab and in 1994 she co-founded Future Concept Lab.
In Future Concept Lab she oversees the area of ad hoc research projects. Her passion for the material culture (food, jewelry, cosmetics, home furnishings, etc.), both local and global, and with Africa always close to her heart, has aided her in the developing innovative formats for applying techniques that are mainly ethno-anthropological, followed-up by quantitative tests to provide further indications. She is a member of Esomar, international association for social and market research, which promotes the following of fixed set of research codes, of which FCL is also a part.
From 2005 to 2010 she was professor (in Bologna and Buenos Aires) in the Master program in Marketing Research, Faculty of Statistics, at the University of Bologna. Since 2007, she has been teaching the Scenarios of Domesticity at POLI-Design.
She is co-author of “Boom, Italian Companies and Products from the 80s” (1990), “The new boom, Trends and successful products from the transition years” (1993), “European Asymmetry” (2002); “Read the trends” (Lupetti, 2007), “Focus Groups for Marketing” (Franco Angeli, 2008), “The Talent of the Enterprise: the Renaissance Footprint in ten Italian companies” (2010, Nomos) and “‘The Enterprise of Talent. The creative territories of Italian companies” (2012, Nomos).

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