The reflection on globalization requires new conceptual and strategic tools.
In the distinction between local and global we must deepen and understand the difference between place and space, relevance and resonance, the extraction of value. And accept the idea that local and global are not opposed but constitute the two leaders of the same skein. To untangle it, in this new book for the edizioni Egea, Francesco Morace think about the two vital dimensions of organism: heartbeat and amplitude of breath, local circulation and global respiration. 
Genius Loci is the heartbeat, the prime mover of globalization, which is then transformed into a global breath. Therefore, it is important to know your heartbeat, your own biorhythm, your own character. The explanation of the different Genius Loci allows to identify the cultural roots through which a country, a region, a place, but also a company or a product shapes its identity. 
Global finance and big data do not have a heartbeat, because they don’t have a heart: however, they have a powerful global reach, which is measured with an ability to intervene and influence capable of breaking the heart of the local. The only antidote: self-knowledge. 

Il Bello del Mondo – Battiti locali per un respiro globale
Publisher: Egea (October 2019)
Language: Italian
Price: € 19,00
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