Fondazione Prada – Milano

Dheepan movie by Jacques Audiard – Golden Palm – Cannes Festival


The Road to Character by David Brooks
With the book The Road to Character the famous journalist David Brooks Character raises the bar of ambition : describes the deterioration of the founding values of the society and the way in which people could perhaps recover , better shaping their character . In doing so he draws the profile of ten historical figures, from Eisenhower to St. Augustine, who had the ability to understand their own weaknesses and turned them, after falling more or less ruinous, into strengths. In addition to being a journalist – essayist, Brooks teaches at Yale University and its course is called its “Humility.” Humility of Brooks is that of a liberal: freedom from the bondage of having to show every time superior at all costs. The freedom to be a step back to observe, reflect , rediscover the values that count, rather than being overwhelmed by the culture of self-esteem, the ” Big Me “: that we absorb from the time we are in diapers.

True Wetsuits by Quicksilver – Japan
Surf and snowboarding retailer Quiksilver in Japan and the ad agency TBWAHAKUHODO have designed the True Wetsuit, a wetsuit that looks like an actual suit. Combining office and casual wear, complete with shirt and tie style of your choice, offers a completely waterproof solution to addressing the work, life fashion balance. Each part of the suit is made out of 2mm neoprene and a stretchy “dryflight” fabric which renders them completely waterproof. Three styles released including office smart, casual Friday and party tuxedo, to cater to all levels of business attire. The clothing hybrid features a jacket, trousers, a shirt, as well as a choice of a necktie or a bow, depending on the glamour of the occasion. These made-to-order suits are available only in Japan at the moment and exclusively in men’s styles. Delivery takes two months, and jacket, pants, shirts and ties are included for about $3,000 total.

Urban Smell Dictionary: The Digital Life of Urban Smellscapes
Smelly maps is a project led by Kate McLean, who uses social media and collaborates with three more researchers, Daniele Quercia, Rossano Schifanella and Luca Maria Aiello, to create the first Urban smell dictionary: the project aims to overcome the negative stereotypes we associate with city smells, pay tribute to the neglected power of the nose and to celebrate the vast array of scents we encounter on a daily basis. They run smell walks in seven cities in the UK, Europe, and USA and, in so doing, collected smell-related words. Locals were asked to walk around their city, identify distinct odors, and take notes. Smell descriptors were taken verbatim from the smell walkers’ original hand-written notes. The researchers then matched the smell related words with social media data for the cities of London and Barcelona. The result of this process is the first urban smell dictionary containing 285 English terms and 8 new smell maps, presented in the ICWSM-15 Conference as part of a research conducted for McLean PhD at Royal College of Art.

A Perfect Day movie by Fernando Leon de Aranoa
“Overnight, the corpse of a very fat man has appeared in a very deep village well… The film begins with one of the year’s great opening shots. We’re in the well looking upwards, while the corpse, suspended from a quickly fraying rope, spins gently in the blue-grey morning light. Hanging around, you quickly gather, is going to be a major theme…” Robbie Collin writes on The Telegraph. In his first English-language effort, 46-year-old Spanish director Fernando Leon de Aranoa, known also for ”Los lunes al sol ”, tackles dark comedy A Perfect Day the conflict during the 1990s Balkan wars. The movie , which premiered at the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival, stars Benicio Del Toro and Tim Robbins, follows a day in the life of a group of overseas aid workers. This bittersweet road movie is rich with irony and witty dialogues, and is inspired by Ettore Scola’s Maccheroni (1985) and the eponymous song by Lou Reed.

PaperBridge di Steve Messam – Lake District – Regno Unito – UK
From 8-18 May, a large-scale temporary bridge made entirely from bright red paper occupied the Grisedale Valley, near Patterdale (OS grid red: NY 362 144). No glue, screws, bolts, fixings or supports were used to hold the structure together. The bridge was constructed using more than 4.2 tonnes of bright red paper, cut into 22,000 sheets, to create a structure 5m in length, with a 4m span over the river and standing at 2m from water to top of arch and the gabions were filled with more than 3 tonnes of stone from the gravel beds in the river. The PaperBridge was the result of Environmental artist Steve Messam’s attempt to create a bold contemporary statement in a conserved environment – that’s ultimately accessible to all. Mr Messam, from Teesdale, said he hoped the artwork had encouraged people to further explore the more “wild and beautiful” parts of the Lake District.

Airbnb on the Thames – London
Airbnb’s Floating House, a cute pastel blue cottage inspired by a cross between Pixar’s Up and the posh homes of Primrose Hill, has spent one week floating down the Thames.Created by twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball, the eight-metre house weighs 70 tonnes and took four months to build. It may look like a two-story house, but in fact the top windows were installed to create an optical illusion to make it look bigger. The functional Floating House has two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and garden with real grass, a dog kennel and an apple tree. The project is in celebration of the Deregulaction Act, the new home-sharing rules in London and one winner and three friends can win a night on board.

Light Bird – Luc Petton Company – Paris
The Luc Petton company dancers perform with birds. Real ones. In Light Bird, choreographer Petton’s third work (after “La Confidence des oiseaux” and “Swan”), features Manchurian cranes, a species endangered in its home country but worshipped for thousands of years in Asia. In Far East the Crane is the symbol of longevity, faithfulness and happiness. It is one of the most favourite artistic themes. Korean peoples consider it as a “natural monument”. Onstage at the Theâtre de Chaillot, Paris, from 5 to 23 May, you can see four cranes that the dancers have been looking after since they were eggs to make sure the chicks would “imprint” on the dancers and follow them. The resulting show is astonishing, with a flight of poetic fancy that goes straight to the heart.

The Key in The Hand di Chiharu Shiota – la Biennale di Venezia
For the Japan Pavilion of the 56th Venice Biennale, the artist Chiharu Shiota has created The Key in The Hand, an impressive installation with over 50,000 keys, provided by donors all over the world. A large work with a powerful emotional charge, where keys become a concrete means of access to private places and memories of the people who donated, but also of the artist and the viewers who immerse themselves in the work. Hung in a tangle of red intertwined wires, the keys overlook two boats of wood to symbolize the hands catching a rain of memories and personal experiences to share.

The Supermarket of the Future – EXPO Milano 2015
The Supermarket of the future is a space in EXPO born from the collaboration between Coop, MIT Senseable City Lab and Carlo Ratti & Associati. Inside the Future Food District some possible future scenarios of The Large retail channel retailers are shown. It is, in fact, a real supermarket, covering around 6,500 square meters and located between the Cardo and the Decumano streets. There you can actually buy all products, arranged on some banks as in the flea markets. It is possible to experience some advanced technologies in retail. It will be easier and quicker to obtain all the information about each product starting from the referred production chain to its organoleptic characteristics, to security controls through some screens that collect all those information. In add, Yumi is a robot from ABB that interacts with people, for example with simple gestures, such as packaging fruits. The consumers have to opportunity to be entrepreneurs selling directly their products, such as in some web site like eBay. This is another novelty of the Supermarket.

Silicon Valley Fashion Week? – San Francisco
From May 12 to 14 was held in San Francisco the first edition of Silicon Valley Fashion Week? (the question mark is part of the name), an event dedicated to the alliance, ever closer, between fashion and technology. Many events are organized between fashion shows, meetings and debates, and the success was guaranteed by the presence of international guests and the high level of testing proposal. Every evening, supported by a major sponsor, has explored a specific theme. On the first day, “Electric Motion”, focused outfits of web connected, technology, applications, electric vehicles and lighting. The second evening, “Tech Wearables”, has explored the theme of 3D printing and style connected. Finally, the third evening, “Funded Fashion”, he was dedicated to crowdsourcing for design, crowdfunding and participated in the financing related to the entertainment industry.