Michelle Obama wears shorts – USA

Christian Boltanski will be filmed 24/24 for eight years

Bauhaus. A Conceptual Model Exhibition – Martin-Gropius-Bau – Berlin

She, a Chinese by Xiaolu Guo

Mona Lisa interactive – World Classic Interactive Arts Exhibition – Beijing


“Cheat sheet: the hidden side of the school” exhibit – School Museum – Nurberg
An exhibit dedicated to the cheat sheet and tricks for copying has been organized by the School Museum in Nurberg. More than 1000 cheat sheet and ways to hide them were found around the world (from Tanzania to Hong Kong) and collected in the last century. One of them is from Konrad Adenauer, the future German chancellor, who received in advance the classwork solution for the graduation test. All the cheat sheets show meticulous preparation inspired by the motto “don’t study today if you can copy tomorrow”. Over time strategies have changed, and today they show themself integrated with the new technology.

Vanish – Finding Evan Ratliff – Wired magazine – USA
On the 15th August Wired journalist Evan Ratliff “vanished” himself for a month, the idea/contest was to see if anyone could find him. If someone found him and said the word “fluke”, Evan would respond with a codeword that would allow the “winner” to alert Wired and claim a $5,000 prize. All was going as planned until Evan Ratliff was finally caught at about 7 p.m. on the 8th September, he was found in New Orleans, by the operator of a pizza shop, who had been alerted to the whole thing just a day before by someone who had been very closely tracking Ratliff. In the end, he left a lot of clues, but he did so purposely, to help illustrate typical mistakes made by those who do try to “vanish” for real. You can read the full explanation from Jeff Reifman as to how he tracked down Ratliff.

Smallery – Berlin
Berlin, Germany’s largest city, from the beginning of August, became the home to one of the smallest galleries in the world: the Smallery, a small, purpose-built garden shed placed in the courtyard of PULK, a creative agency in Berlin-Mitte. The exhibition managed to fit 24 pieces into an exhibition space less than 2 m2 in size. The pieces were contributed by internationally successful illustrators from different cities, such as New York, Toronto, and of course, Berlin. The exhibits, unusually small artworks, reproduced in an edition of 50 high-quality prints were available to purchase for 30 Euros.

Lego House – United Kingdom
The BBC presenter James May built the first real house made of Lego bricks. Members of the public have been involved in the initial stages of building work: the fans and Lego enthusiasts came from all over the UK to the building site at the Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Surrey. Over 3 million Lego bricks have been used to build Lego House: a real two-storey building with a working bathroom. The Lego house is being built as part of a new BBC series called James May’s Toy Stories in which the TV presenter takes Britain’s best-loved toys and uses them in new adventures.

Back2black Festival – Rio de Janeiro
Back2Black is a international Festival that takes place in Rio de Janeiro (at the restored Leopoldina Station) and Brasilia. A three-day Event (28, 29, 30 August) celebrating Africa as cultural pollinator and pole of political discussion, as well as focusing the different origins and influences of the Brazilian people and cuture. The objective of B2B is to “promote meetings”: between music and art, politics and cinema, dance and social awareness, literature and fashion, consumption and theatre, contemporary man with himself. The B2B spectacular moments are united with conferences on themes such as the contruction of “new utopia” and the relation between culture, development and globalization.

Teatro del Fuoco – International Firedancing Festival – Stromboli – Italy
Between the 25th August and the 5th September Stromboli held the second edition of the Teatro del Fuoco, International festival of artists, dancers and jugglers, arrived from all over the world to celebrate Iddu, the name by which the islanders call their volcano. Stromboli, classified as being the most active volcano in Europe with eruptions every 15, 20 minutes, marks the life of the island made famous by the Rossellini film over 60 years ago, noting the relationship between the islanders and fire. For this reason fire is at the centre of the festival that after the success of last year, in this edition has proposed a rich program, with performances, workshops and stage sets that have moved between art and the culture of fire.

62nd Locarno International Film Festival
The Locarno International Film Festival Leopard for Best Actress and best first feature was scooped on the 15th of August by the Dutch actress Urszula Antoniak’s film debut in Nothing Personal. The young protagonist Lotte Verbeek, after breaking her relationship up abruptly, leaves her hometown, her house and anything she has and starts an on the road journey that leads her to some remote places in Ireland. Her loneliness is broken when she meets a strange soulmate who had already made the same choice of living apart. A completely different story, Akadimia Platonos by the Greek producer Filippos Tsitos plays around the ethnic stereotypes between Greeks and Albanians through the exhilarating ongoing daily discussions between three mates in a poor neighbourhood in Athens with a mixed population of natives and immigrants. The protagonist Antonis Kafetzopoulos was awarded with the Leopard for Best Actor.

The Magic Streets of Bologna
Magic Bologna is an association that was born in 1994, from the passions for esotheric themes of Morena Poltronieri and Ernesto Fazioli, both members of the cultural association Hermatena that deals with studies related to philosophies, mythologies and the ancient sciences of esotericism. The analysis of the symbolism contained in the main artistic and architectural places of many cities of the world, has led to the realization of some journeys exploring Italian and foreign cities, including Ferrara, Modena, London and Prague. As from the 31 of August there were organized three walks organised by Bologna’s Culture and Tourism department, three night walks that reveal some hidden “souls” of this city: the first dedicated to the places of the witches and the heretics, the second one about sorcerers, the third one about cabalism.

Luca Catalano Gonzaga and Visa pour l’image 2009 – Perpignan – France
Visa pour l’image festival in Perpignan is one of the most important photographic events in the world, and it’s completely dedicated to photojournalism. Italian photographer Luca Catalano Gonzaga is this year’s winner of the Care Humanitarian Reportage Award. He collected his prize for his report on children in Nepal who work in brick-making. The reportage is part of a project he has begun about children’s rights and so his first step was to look into child labour and he will use the prize to keep on working on this complex and intense work.

Anchorman ordered killings for ratings – Brazil
Wallace Souza, a politician who hosted a crime TV show with graphic footage of murder victims is under investigation by Brazilian police for allegedly ordering killings to boost his show’s popularity. Detectives became suspicious when his television crews often seemed to be the first at the scene of the crime. Mr Souza became a media personality after a career as a police officer that ended in disgrace. He started ‘Canal Livre’ in the 1990s on a local station in Manaus, the capital of Brazil’s Amazonas state. It became extremely popular among the 1.7m residents of Manaus before going off the air late last year as police intensified their investigation. The show featured Mr Souza, in a studio, railing against rampant crime in the state, punctuated with often exclusive footage of arrests, crime scenes and drug seizures.