Keeping up with the evolution of the collective imaginary in all its manifold expressions is an art that requires a profound knowledge of the context, interpretive experience, anthropological sensitivity and sociological imagination.
In our pursuit of this activity over the last fifteen years, we have always combined an analysis of the global phenomena that, by having an enormous impact in terms of the media, have proven to be market Hits, with the identification of interesting niche-type cultural phenomena, Hot spots in the sense of hotbeds of change – rudimentary, perhaps sketchy signals but still significant indicators that help interpret the socio-cultural evolution through a meaningful accumulation of stimulating hot leads, so to speak.
The two columns, Hits & Hots. Each month carry the 5 Hits and 10 Hots deemed to be the most significant, enabling all the readers interested in staying abreast of our activities to focus on the development of just one single aspect of our research, if they so wish.